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Green Mountain Suzuki Institute

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Director, Pamela Reit

The Green Mountain Suzuki Institute is an educational program of the Rochester Chamber Music Society. Now in its 14th year, the Institute offers instruction in piano, flute, violin, viola and cello, as well as a wide range of elective classes. Students range from age 4 to age 15. We have one hundred and eleven students enrolled and a staff of 28. This year we are again offering training for teachers: Book 3 Violin with Mark Mutter and also “Better Beginnings” for piano with Marilyn Taggart. About two-thirds of the students are from New England and New York; the rest are from all over the United States and one family coming from Ottawa, Canada and another returning for a third year, from Hong Kong!

Programming at the Institute adheres closely to the philosophy of Dr. Shinichi Suzuki, Japanese violinist, educator, philosopher and humanist, who devoted his life to the development of the method of music education that he called "Talent Education." Suzuki based his approach on the belief that "musical ability is not an inborn talent but an ability which can be developed. Any child who is properly trained can develop musical ability, just as all children develop the ability to speak their mother tongue. The potential of every child is unlimited." Dr. Suzuki's goal was not to develop professional musicians, but rather to nurture noble human beings through the study of music.

Our 2017 program begins on Sunday, July 9, with registration beginning at noon, 2:00 p.m. Orientation, followed by group lessons for all instruments, and a 4:00 p.m. RCMS concert, featuring GMSI teacher, Julia Salerno, violin with her duet partner and RCMS Artistic Director Cynthia Huard, piano, lo. Monday through Thursday, all classes meet. Each student has a master class with one or two other students and a group lesson each day. In addition, students take three electives; options include chamber ensemble, fiddling, composition, jazz piano, mandolin, viola for violinists, orchestra, chorus, art, sports & games, music adventure and yoga. On Thursday afternoon at 4:00, the electives classes demonstrate their week’s work. On Thursday evening at 7pm, Pete Sutherland's GMSI student fiddlers are the band for a community contra dance held at Pierce Hall. Friday morning, instrument classes meet for the last time. Friday afternoon is our closing concert beginning at 1:15 with piano duets and chamber music recitals, followed by 3:00 Suzuki group play downs.

GMSI families and staff are extremely enthusiastic about our program. There are always a large number of returning students. Written evaluations from students and their parents and staff point to the high quality of teaching, the breadth of class offerings, the well-organized daily schedule and the warm reception families receive from the town of Rochester.??

Pam Reit, Director and the entire staff of the Green Mountain Suzuki Institute look forward to our 2017 season in Rochester.



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